tourism iconBartlesville has a unique set of historic/cultural assets which can be developed into a significant economic contributor. Tourism also has the ability to offer balance to the local energy-dominated economy.

Tourism Market Trends

  • Aging baby boomers seeking new domestic venues
  • Increase in demand for historic/cultural venues
  • Interest in authentic experiences
  • Fatigue with packaged theme park experiences
  • Demand for safe nonurban drive venues
  • Increase in international visitors seeking unique American experiences
  • Post-recession repositioning to capture new consumers as incomes return

Bartlesville's Unique Position

Truly unique “one-in-the world” attractions, such as:

  • Woolaroc Ranch, Museum, Native American Heritage Center and Wildlife Preserve
  • Phillips Petroleum Company Museum
  • Price Tower
  • Access to a growing flexible workforce
  • Central location, interstate and airport access
  • Community leadership and support