Target industries for the Bartlesville area were identified from a study by Garner Economics, completed for the BDA in July 2010. Garner selected five industry targets that best match the unique competitive advantages in Bartlesville to the needs of particular industry sectors. Each sector has a record of above-average wages and participation in commercial activities that are expected to create wealth in Bartlesville. These five targets offer opportunities across several non-competing sectors, affording a means to diversify economic development strategies and avoid risky overconcentration.

Bartlesville Optimal Targets

Technical Environmental Services Distribution & Logistics Shared Back-Office Services Instrumentation Control Systems Tourism Development
Subsector Targets        
Environmental Consulting Services Freight Packing & Logistics Services Office administrative services Electronic instrument manufacturing Cultural Tourism
Scientific research and development services General warehousing and storage Payroll & Bookkeeping Services Industrial valve manufacturing Destination Tourism
Geophysical surveying and mapping services Refrigerated warehousing and storage Computer systems design and related services   Electrical equipment manufacturing
Laboratory Testing Services General wholesaling   Engineering services  
Self-employed Entrepreneurs