Local Incentives

BDA has the ability to customize incentives for the needs of each business looking to locate here. This unparalleled level of flexibility is ideal for businesses looking to solve a specific challenge or in need of a creative solution to their business needs.

Free Land

The Bartlesville Development Authority owns property in two fully-served industrial parks with tracts ranging from three acres to 200+ acres. Generally, this land is available free of charge for qualifying projects.

Cash Incentive

The City of Bartlesville has an Economic Development Fund (EDF) in excess of $1.5 million. This fund allows the BDA to structure a flexible, attractive incentive package for new or expanding industry commensurate with the project’s benefits to the community.

Awarded by the Bartlesville City Council based on BDA recommendations, the EDF may be utilized for loans, grants, infrastructure improvements, site preparation, fee waivers, or any combination thereof.

State Incentives

The state of Oklahoma is nationally recognized for its aggressive business incentives available through the Oklahoma Department of Commerce. The agency’s professional staff works hand-in-hand with the BDA to deliver quick, accurate information with a minimum of paperwork and bureaucratic hassles. Major programs include:

Oklahoma Incentives and Tax Guide

Quality Jobs Program

Small Employer Quality Jobs Program

21st Century Quality Jobs

Investment/New Jobs Tax Credit Package

Customized Employee Training

Business Expansion Incentive Program

Aerospace Engineer Workforce Tax Credit

American Indian Lands Tax Credit