Bartlesville Offers Youth More Opportunities Than Major Cities

Monday, June 03, 2019

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Major cities have reputations for offering a lot of youth activities but with life so buys, traffic so heavy, and activities costing a lot - most youth can’t take advantage of them. This is not the case in Bartlesville, where youth (and their parents) have more time for competitive athletic programs and cultural pursuits.

Bartlesville, Oklahoma is a great place to grow up. As a community, we invest heavily in our youth, both through the local school system and through the many extracurricular activities and cultural programs available through community-based organizations. Plus, since we have a strong sense of community, people watch out for each other and each other’s children – making this a safe community where kids can bike to the pool and be cheered on by the entire community when making a soccer goal or scoring a touchdown. Families looking for this type of experience are moving away from major cities and finding how much more enjoyable life can be in Bartlesville.

Youth Athletic Programs

Youth opportunities Children can participate in a variety of competitive athletic programs in Bartlesville.

The Phillips 66 Splash Club has promoted excellence in competitive swimming for 41 years.

The Phillips 66 Gymnastics Club provides instruction and competitive opportunities for children of all ages, beginning at the preschool level. Numerous Phillips 66 gymnasts have gone on to compete in colleges throughout the country and have become Division One All Americans. The club hosts the longest ongoing age-group gymnastics invitational in the United States.

The Washington County Soccer Club makes soccer fun for kids from age four through high school.

The Eclipse Volleyball Club encourages girls to develop a love for the game of volleyball.

The Bartlesville “Y” sponsors basketball, football and cheer teams for youth with facilities that include an indoor pool.  Fitness programs for all ages are available.

Bartlesville has two excellent golf courses!  Check out city-owned Adams Golf Club and Hillcrest Country Club.  And just for fun, families and teenagers enjoy the Sooner Junior Miniature Golf Course.

Individual and group golf instruction is available for youth of all ages through the Bartlesville Tennis Association and Hillcrest Country Club.

The Bartlesville Pedalers Club is for people of all ages and interest levels who share a love of bicycling.

The Archery Club of Madison Middle School provides students with instruction and competitive opportunities in accordance with the National Archery in the Schools Program.

Cultural activities in Bartlesville

Youth also have the opportunity to participate in many cultural activities like musical theater, dance and art programs. In major cities it can be difficult for students to take advantage of more than one extracurricular activity, simply due to time constraints. With light traffic and it being so easy to reach everything, in Bartlesville it is common for students to participate in sports and cultural activities at the same time. Here are just a few of the youth cultural programs that are offered within the city.

Bartlesville Children’s Musical Theatre enriches the lives of youth by providing quality musical theatre performance and educational opportunities. Now celebrating its 15th anniversary of annual summer productions, CMT was named Oklahoma’s Top Arts & Humanities Nonprofit for 2014. Visit the CMT Facebook page to learn more.

The Bartlesville Art Association provides learning opportunities for artists of all ages including a summer camp for students who want to further develop their talent. Check out their Facebook page for more information.

The Bartlesville Symphony Orchestra boasts an outstanding Symphony Orchestra, which includes several high school student musicians. Find out more on their Facebook page.

The OK Mozart International Festival is a first class music festival with the Amici New York Orchestra, features outstanding musical performance of all types. Students have the opportunity to learn and perform in several venues, including the OK Mozart All-State Youth Orchestra performance.

The Bartlesville Civic Ballet is in its 45th season, the Civic Ballet has a long tradition of providing exceptional instruction and performance opportunities to the area youth.

The Bartlesville Choral Society is a 70-voice chorus that is a vibrant part of the Northeast Oklahoma arts scene. The society presents three concerts each year, including a biennial presentation of Handel’s Messiah, and shorter varied choral works and pop concerts. Young vocalists are welcomed.

Bartlesville dance studios include the Bartlesville Civic Ballet and several studios with instruction in ballet, jazz, hip hop, and tap.

Bonus for parents

One of the biggest differences parents notice after moving to Bartlesville is how light the traffic is. It’s possible to leave work and reach your child’s school and sports practice within ten minutes. Then driving to drop a child off at ballet and another at soccer can take five minutes, making it a breeze to take kids to activities and still have time to sit and watch them. This is an experience you simply cannot have in big cities where driving home from work could take an hour or more and driving from one child’s event to the next is simply impossible in under thirty minutes.

In addition, the cost of living in Bartlesville is much lower than in major cities, giving parents the financial freedom to invest in their children’s extracurricular activities.

Join us in Bartlesville

Life is simply easier in Bartlesville. Bartlesville is an incredible place to live and we invite you to join us. Click here to learn more about our community.

You can also contact us to learn more about the many advantages of relocating here.

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