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Monday, January 21, 2019

Human Resource professionals, managers and business owners are facing a serious challenge in 2019 – a shortage of available, skilled workers to fill key positions. A growing economy has created growth opportunities in many industries but without enough workers, it is impossible for businesses to capitalize on them. This is a problem and it is likely to get worse. The unemployment rate is hovering around 3.7 percent nationally and is projected to remain there throughout 2019. As a result, businesses must be creative and think outside the box when developing strategies for workforce recruitment.

Ways to Find Employees

The easiest way to recruit skilled workers is to hire from communities where unemployment rates are higher. First, most qualified people already have jobs and second, those who are looking are typically wanting a large pay raise – forcing businesses to pay more for the position than they had initially budgeted for. It is far easier to recruit from communities where the unemployment rates are higher due to recent business relocations.

When a business relocates it is typically for reasons other than their workforce, such as geographic access to customers, etc. In that scenario, many skilled and talented workers are left unemployed and looking for work. They are eager to find employment and likely to work for a reasonable wage if able to stay in their own community.

Think Bartlesville

Bartlesville, OK is one of those communities. A couple larger employers have recently consolidated and moved jobs closer to their headquarters. This has left many of our hardworking community members unemployed. They have the skills and drive businesses need to be productive and can get to work right away. What we need is for employers to open locations here.  The benefits of doing so are vast and include:

  • We have a skilled workforce who is ready to get back to work
  • Hiring in Bartlesville is easy
  • Our cost of living is low
  • Financial incentives and loan packages are available for businesses who are moving or expanding in the area
  • We have available commercial real estate
  • We are close to major metros but without the traffic or cost of city living
  • We have many entertainment and cultural activities to participate in

Think Outside of the Box

Now is the time to get creative. Doing so can prevent your business from feeling the pain of a workforce shortage. With talented and hardworking people ready to get to work in Bartlesville, opening a location here could be the best way to ensure that your company has the workforce you need to succeed in 2019.

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