Prepare to Be Amazed by Bartlesville, Oklahoma

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

When people first visit Bartlesville, the most common reaction is, “This isn’t what I expected.” Anyone who is expecting the Wild West or open farmland will be shocked to find that Bartlesville is home to high-rise buildings, a world-class symphony and ballet, interactive museums, trendy restaurants, music festivals, boutiques, over 15 parks, a golf course, pool and lake. There is always something to do in Bartlesville, making living and working here a lot of fun.

People Enjoy Living Here

Bartlesville is known as being artsy, cultured and active. From outdoor music festivals to new restaurant openings and performances in our concert hall, Bartlesville residents are immersed in cultural activities. Our residents consider themselves as part of team-Bartlesville, working to put on events and festivals throughout the year so that everyone can enjoy their visit or their weekend.

Big City Amenities, Small Town Convenience  

With all our amenities, Bartlesville still offers the benefits of living in a small town. With no traffic, it is possible to get to work in fifteen minutes or less. As a safe community, kids still ride their bikes down tree-line streets, spend afternoons swimming with their friends and watching movies in the park with their parents. Our neighborliness means that people care about each other and check in on sick neighbors and friends. In many ways, Bartlesville is the America of our memories – a place where people are proud of who they are, care for each other and for their community.

Financially, there are additional reasons to call Bartlesville home. Our cost of living is far lower than the national average at only 89 percent. Compared to midwestern cities like Chicago, where the cost of living is 117 percent, a move to Bartlesville can save families thousands of dollars a month. For example, the median home price in Bartlesville is only $94,900 compared with $225,500 in Chicago. This means that families can get more house for their money or stay in a similar sized home while significantly reducing their mortgage payment. With such a low cost of living, Bartlesville families have more disposable income to spend on things they enjoy like going to dinner, catching a movie or taking a family vacation.

Our Location is Convenient

Bartlesville is located within fifty minutes of Tulsa. With two highways intersecting at the city, it is possible to reach Wichita, Fayetteville and Oklahoma City in under 2.5 hours and Kansas City in 3.5 hours. Plus, Dallas is less than 5 hours away. For more on our location advantages, click here.

Come Experience Bartlesville

We invite you to come visit us and experience Bartlesville for yourself. Our community is friendly, welcoming and active. To learn more about opportunities to live, work or start a business here, contact Jared Patton at or by calling (918) 397-5977.


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