Bartlesville is where families come to do more than live, they come to build a life. We are a friendly, welcoming, and supportive community that embodies classic American values. There is a romance to America that is so eloquently captured in Norman Rockwell paintings, tales spun by Mark Twain, and songs sung by artists like Bruce Springsteen and Lee Greenwood. For many, this version of America seems like a memory. It’s not in Bartlesville. Here, neighbors still wave a friendly hello, kids ride their bikes down tree-lined streets, summer movies are played in the park, and folks gather to cheer on the local high school team. Bartlesville is everything we remember without being stuck in the past. Our community is moving forward, embracing technology, focused on education, and forging a prosperous path for all our citizens.

It’s affordable to live here.  

In 2017, Oklahoma had the third lowest cost of living in the entire United States. Families in Bartlesville spend only 89.2% of the national average, with a bulk of that savings being attributed to our low housing cost. Those looking to purchase a home here will pay an average of $100,000, a mere 75% of the national average. This makes Bartlesville affordable for millennials looking to purchase their first home, growing families, and retirees. What’s even better is that families living here do not need to choose between affordability and safety or sending their kids to a good school. In Bartlesville, families can have it all. In fact, students graduating from Bartlesville High School have higher ACT scores than most students in the U.S., plus crime here is less than 10 percent of the national average!

We get a lot of sunshine in Bartlesville.

Bartlesville enjoys 230 days of sunshine per year. Located in the southwestern Sunbelt, Bartlesville enjoys an early spring, a warm fall, and a mild winter. Gardeners in Bartlesville enjoy an 8-month season from the first planting of peas in mid-February to the late October tomato harvest. Warm spring rains produce daffodils and forsythia in March, and mild days and cool nights of a long Indian summer encourage a wide variety of flowering perennials in the fall.

A big city is only 45-minutes away.

Families enjoy living in Bartlesville and the ability to raise their children in a safe, friendly, and engaged community. We have everything here – culture, entertainment, great schools, outdoor recreation, fantastic restaurants, great shops, and community events. Still, sometimes it’s nice to head into a larger city. Fortunately, Tulsa is only 45 miles away.

Come join us.

If you want a bright future for you and your family, come make your home in Bartlesville. Contact us to schedule a tour, to access relocation information, and to begin your journey towards building a life in our classic American city.

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